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Honoring Indigenous Matriarchs

Aunty is a an honorific that signifies a woman or two-spirit elder who holds-a role of regard and respect in their community.

The Aunties honors the stories of Native matriarchs and two-spirit elders from their local through live storytelling and a series of documentary films immortalizing the aunties stories for posterity. This original Indigenous Performance Production features women and non-binary Aunties who have spent their lives dedicated to their communities as leaders, culture workers and advocates for their communities. The ‘Aunties amplifies their life’s work through live events featuring traditional storytelling told on stage with archival photographs and works of legacy. 


We pay tribute to Aunties and the important role they play in Indigenous communities-of which they have long been recognized as vital caretakers of its connection, tradition and cohesion.  Through shared storytelling,  Aunties provide a space for everyone to gather to collectively reflect on their pasts and shared identity, as they look for ways towards a better future.  We celebrate them now, at an especially important time due to the loss of so many elders from Covid-19.  As Native and Indigenous communities bear the burden of those lost including their leadership, guidance and connections, The Aunties honors their contributions and preserves their stories for future generations to come. 

This production is supported in part from grants from

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