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"The Aunties" is a live storytelling and documentary series created in honor of the women and two-spirit culture bearers who shape, support, and uphold Indigenous communities – aunties. ​Storytelling gatherings take place across Indian Country at partner sites, connected by a shared commitment to celebrating culture and community. At each site, three Indigenous auntie culture bearers from the surrounding traditional territories share stories from stage accompanied by archival photographs, further enriched by works of legacy, including poetry, song, and visual art. ​Storytelling gatherings respect Indigenous storytelling as a traditionally artform that harnesses the collective strength of community through artistic, cultural, and creative transformation. Live storytelling are rooted in the art of intergenerational storytelling, bringing community together to reflect on shared past, present and future. ​Stories told from stage will be immortalized on film and become the heart of a documentary series. Live footage is interwoven with scenes from the places, people and land from which the stories emerge. The documentary shorts are intended as a cultural resources to preserve the wisdom of the aunties through films of artistic, visual and cultural integrity.


The Sites

Visit each site below to learn more about its featured culture bearers, partner site, and the creative crew behind the live storytelling event and documentary series.


Olympia, WA

Squaxin Island Territory

11| 18 | 2022

Washington Center For The Performing Arts

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Santa Fe, NM

Traditional Tewa (Tanos) Territory

1 | 24 | 2024

Performance Santa Fe


Bellingham, WA

Lummi Nation

11 | 10 | 2023

Mt. Baker Theater

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St. Paul, MN

Dakhóta Oyáte (Dakota People)

4 | 20 | 2024

St. Catherine University


Olympia, WA

Squaxin Island Territory

05 | 16 | 2024

Washington Center For The Performing Arts

The Aunties is supported in part from grants by:

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