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Sean Eve

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Sean Eve is a Gay, Welsh-born writer and producer, who teaches at NYU- where he founded Global Media Lab, and is the Director of Animated Ecologies, a non-profit supporting socially and ecologically conscious filmmaking worldwide. As a playwright, works including By Land, American Heart and recently Bedside Manners, have been produced in London and New York. Other theatre works, such as Paint, the inspiration for Mike Leigh’s Topsy Turvy, have been adapted to film. Working behind the scenes for the better part of two decades in script and concept development, Eve is a little more visible these days, with Shiva Baby, winning a  Cassavetes at the Independent Spirit Awards in 2022. He is currently producing, Just Justice, a documentary feature being directed by Katie Schiller that chronicles three decades of the life and activism of Justice Roe Williams, and is Executive and Lead Creative Producer of 24/2, a film directed by Anna Filonenko that introduces us to Four Female Russian Artists and the impact the invasion of Ukraine has on their lives and work. As well as the Aunties, which is being produced in conjunction with IPP, other current projects include Flore, a musical biopic set in Bogata and Mexico City, “Nowhere”, a trio of short films focused on gay and trans undocumented young people in New Jersey, and “Anger and Dust” a film on the disconnect between youth culture and ecological crisis in Bangladesh, being directed Tanjimul Alam.  

Atamira Dance Co./Te Wheke photo by Jinki Cambronero

Atamira Dance Co./Te Wheke photo by Jinki Cambronero

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