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Tau Dance Theater

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Tau Dance Theater(TDT) based in Honolulu and founded in 1996 by Native Hawaiian Peter Rockford Espiritu, honors the ancient traditions of Hawaii while focusing on the responsible evolution of culture through dances viewed through a Pacific island lens. Pōhuli, TDT’s original movement modality, anchors Pacific island technique and western art influences within Indigenous consciousness, storytelling and values. Throughout its 26 year history, TDT is recognized critically, nationally and globally by prominent arts entities and community leaders as Culture Bearers whose integrity and innovation evokes indigenous identity and pride through the creative arts, leaving an inspired brown dance footprint for future generations


Tau Dance Theater, presents excerpts from the best of INDIGENUITY. An artistic celebration of gifts from our ancestors, native pride, cultural and spiritual awakening to transform the arts through the respectful evolution of Indigenous dance, music and theater. Oceania is rich with mana the powerful and healing life force that runs through everything and everyone-INDIGENUITY is created with a vision to unite us as one artistic tribe through the celebration of our cultures. What we create and share today makes for a better tomorrow. Indigenuity features Native Hawaiian and Oceanic themes and features musical sensation; Pōmaikaʻi; and Native Hawaiian storyteller uncle Kealoha Kelekolio.


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