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Delbert Anderson Quartet

Delbert Anderson Quartet is led by Navajo(Diné) Jazz Trumpeter and Composer, Delbert Anderson. He is both a leader and innovator in today's contemporary Jazz scene and a Diné culture bearer. His work brings forth traditional Diné songs once sung Diné social circles called "spinning songs," and captures their voice in the language of jazz and funk.


With support of powerhouse Jazz players, Anderson builds safe havens for Diné melodies to converse with various styles and pathways for expression. In all their forms, compositions are guided by the time-immemorial Diné principles of Hózhó-harmony, beauty and balance with self, other and nature and K'é or kinship.  Anderson connects across genre and culture, all the while, remaining steadfast in a signature sound that is as strong as the centuries of traditions it was built upon.


“By mining traditional Navajo “spinning songs'' of love, healing and courtship, and marrying them to jazz and funk lines, Anderson and his trio have taken a place at the forefront of a vibrant Native American jazz scene.” - Michael Powell, New York Times. 


In connection with their work as performers, The Delbert Anderson Quartet extends their desire to create cross-cultural safe spaces through outreach, education and wellness workshops that encourage personal expression and community cohesion.

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D'DAT Suite

D'Dat Suite features three Delbert Anderson Compositions fusing Diné spinning songs and modern Jazz language arranged for Orchestra, Concert Band and Wind Symphony by contemporary Native American composer, Frankland Piland.  The Suite is made up of three movements, "Narbona," "Attention" and "Iron Horse Gallu," that together celebrate the stories, sounds, and musical landscape of the Southwest while connecting Native Jazz Fusion jazz with the power and strength of a full symphony.