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Comedy from a Native point of view

Some Stars of Native American Comedy(aka Some Stars) features four Native American Comedy Storytellers sharing their take on life, love and dream catchers from a Native perspective. The award-winning line-up takes on everything from identity politics, cultural stereotypes, dating, white guilt, and rodeos with a mix of charm, irony, dry wit and good-natured ribbing in all directions. All in all it comes together like a good rez car-made up of a bit of this, a lot of that and some lovingly rigged engineering,  that as a whole runs like a work of art.  

This Rez Car carries four legendary Native comics-awkward and loveable dad Jim Ruel, meta-master Taietsarón:sere “Tai”, writer for Rutherford Falls, along with traditional trickster storyteller Gilbert Brown with stories to regale. and the fast and the frank, quick-witted Sheila Chalakee. This is a ride you're going to want to take.

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Rena Priest-photo by Ryan Hunt