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Walrus Arts Management is now (mostly) Indigenous Performance Productions, a non-profit company

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

It was mid/late 2015, I was working for a foundation serving Native artists when the idea first occurred to me. I had just attended the Western Arts Alliance Conference with Indigenous Performance Symposium in Vancouver, BC and I had come to realize that no matter how much money was granted to these exceptional Native performing artists - without the help of an agent, they would likely never truly break into the performing arts touring market. Six months later I had incorporated Walrus Arts Management and Consulting as an LLC and had taken on my first five clients (three of whom are are now clients of Indigenous Performance Productions).

This year, Walrus Arts Management transitioned all booking clients to Indigenous Performance Productions, a non-profit company. Simply put, the needs of touring Native performing artists are better suited by having a non-profit backing them - who can, among other things help them fund-raise for their projects, expand educational efforts and receive and distribute project monies. Also, as a production and tour management and booking company IPP can employ far more Native artists by matching need in the field with shows designed to fit this need that also speak truth (stories that are by Native people - rather than the predominant narrative in this country today which is written about Native people by non-natives).

As part of this transition, we are also able to expand our services and invite more Native performing artists to partner with us - through production projects such as show development or festivals and through our touring operations. For more information about opportunities please reach out to


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