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Indigenous Performance Productions is an artist service agency that specializes in tour and original productions. Our organization fills a role that no other nonprofit on Turtle Island does- we create opportunities in the performing arts world for Native and Indigenous artists. Through our focus on relationship building with performance venues and their surrounding communities, we are able to provide new opportunities for emerging and mid-career Indigenous artists, effectively removing social, cultural, and socioeconomic barriers.   We are taking on issues of misrepresentations and institutional barriers and by doing so we uplift Indigenous people. 



Indigenous artists are presented with more challenges and fewer opportunities when attempting to find sustainability in the performing arts than most. Although things are slowly improving in the performing arts field there are persistent challenges regarding misconceptions of who Indigenous people are and, consequently, what their art should look/sound like and be about. Because of this prejudice, there is a reluctance within the performing arts field to invest in new productions, book tours and fund the development of Indigenous performing artists. 



Through our programs we are fomenting change in the performing arts industry and creating real opportunity for Native artists while changing the story about Indigenous people to a story BY Indigenous people.  At IPP, we work to help Indigenous tell their stories and be part of undoing these stereotypes.  We do this through forming trusted relationships with partners in our communites, venues, co-producers and community and tribal leadres.  We negotiate great salaries in partnership with venues who believe in our mission.  We put on productions and hire musicans from aroud the globe to showcase their talents and hardwork.  We provide community engagement and outreach with schools and universities. We take on the cause for and with our artists, so that  they have more opportunties, better opportunities and reduced hardship.  

Atamira Dance Co./Te Wheke photo by Jinki Cambronero

Atamira Dance Co./Te Wheke photo by Jinki Cambronero


# of Artists Supported


IPP has supported 100+ dance, music, theater and multi-disciplinary artists since our inception as Walrus Arts Management in 2016.

# of Young Adults Supported


We build community engagements into our performance events.  Our Partner Presenters are roughly split evenly between performing arts centers who tend to serve youth and colleges and universities who serve university students.

# Original Productions


IPP has supported or led the creation of five original productions in the last two years and is set to premier five more within the next two years.

# of Youth Supported 


In the course of an average year, between youth virtual offerings, youth workshops, youth lecture/demonstrations youth classes, and discounted tickets IPP's associate artists generally reach between 800 and 1000 youth.

# of Performances Per Year


IPP supported 30-40 shows in previous years, this year we will support over 100+  performances.

# of Funds Paid to

Indigenous Artists

$1.8+ million

Over the last six years, IPP has raised and disbursed $1.8 + Million in grants and donations paid out in residency and tour fees for Indigenous artists.

Welcome To Indian Country/Photo by Ryan Hunt 

Indigenous Performance Productions is supported in part by an American Rescue Plan Act grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to support general operating expenses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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