Tau Dance Theater

Pōhuli, TDT's signature dance style respectfully fuses hula, modern dance and ballet.

Tau Dance Theater is the only professional dance/theater company in Honolulu founded by a Native Hawaiian Peter Espiritu.  Tau Dance Theater's Pōhuli, a dance style, respectfully combines hula, modern dance, and ballet, contributing to the evolutionary movement language of our global village.

Now on tour:

Behold, INDIGENUITY! An artistic celebration of gifts from our ancestors, native pride, and spiritual awakening through indigenous inspired music, dance, and theater. Hawai’i is our host as we travel around our glorious “Global Village” with Tau to explore the ingenuity of indigenous artists in the present, here and now. Peter Rockford Espiritu, Founder and Artistic Director of Tau Dance Theater, sets the stage for a makana (gift) for generations to come by respectfully weaving contemporary native based music and dance with the evolved creative vision of Tau. 

Tau Ke Welina Ka_iwi Ripples.jpeg