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Presenter Partnerships

Book Artists

IPP Partners partners with exceptional professional Indigenous artists committed to fostering community outreach through indigneous stories, music, theater and performance art.  Artists have a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives and cultural influences, all united in their dedication to their evolving artorms and its relation to cultural exchange.  


Book Festival and

IPP's leadership has deep experience with independent production projects - from fringe to large scale - we have mounted 46 original shows since 1999. Currently we are touring "Welcome to Indian Country", a music and storytelling celebration featuring a five-piece all-Native (of course) band and a storyteller.


We build shows and festivals to suite scale and cost!  One night only or a Week of unique performances? Yes and Yes. Dance, music or theater?  Yes. Emerging or regional artists only?  We can do it.



Get Production

IPP leverages a wealth of production and engagement experience to activate Native and Indigenous communities in innovative and mutually beneficial co-production agreements.  We create partnerships that treat Native and Indigenous artists and their communities with cultural competence and respect and result in events, residencies and performances that go beyond checking the boxes of diversity, equity, inclusion and access.