Group Dance

Outreach and Education

Youth and
Adult Master Classes

IPP's associated artists are educators.  They offer a wide range of performing arts skills and performance technique classes on tour for students of almost any age focused on Indigenous communities and students but appropriate to any community.  Specializations vary based on the touring artist or group.


Community Engagement Projects

IPP's touring artists have developed community engagement designed for educational or community settings and for communities of culture, at-risk youth, incarcerated populations, those struggling with substance abuse or mental health challenges, LGBTQ/Two-Spirit and inter-generational communities.

Equity, Access, and Inclusion 

IPP provides educational lectures, interactive sessions and field rounds with topics including: the state of the Indigenous performing arts, business and the performing arts for communities of culture, how to engage and be an effective ally of Indigenous people, program design, case study analysis, and industry creative topics.  Demonstrations seek to promote diversity, inclusion and access for indigenous artists.