"Funky, Poetic, Complex, Forward thinking, Outside the box and Bad Mothers"...

photo by Maurice Johnson

Creative Touring
Projects Overview

D'DAT Management brings multiple new projects to life in 2021.  Each is focused on developing multi-cultural, cross-genre live shows that aim to reimagine art, music, dance, theater and poetry while paving new paths for artists in underrepresented areas.  Our sophomore album "Born in an Odd Time" is the backbone of this body of work.  We aim to create unforgettable experiences that we will tour across the world and allow us to tell stories, share music and display the art of the Southwest to audiences beyond our borders. 


Franklin Piland arranged three D'DAT compositions into three movements for Orchestra, Concert Band, and Wind Symphony. "Narbona," "Attention" and "Iron Horse Gallup" make up the D'DAT Suite celebrating the Southwest while fusing jazz, funk and hip hop with the power only a symphony provides.

D'DAT Band

D'DAT performances are exciting, unpredictable and culturally satisfying.  Witness the fusion between Native American inspired melodies and contemporary music.  Recorded in 2020-D'DAT's sophomore album features 9 works telling a unique Indigenous story through insightful and poignant lyrics.  John Lindermann, 2x Grammy winner, produced the D'DAT album featuring South African percussionist Dan Chiorboli and Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera who also worked with Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. 

Film Production

Professional film production capabilities are now available through D'DAT Management. They are creating new opportunities for artists to showcase their offerings. Due to the high demand for digital content, they produce high quality live footage, interviews, blogs, documentaries or any style of media that may be needed. 

SPIRIT Coalescent

The Spirit Coalescent is a multi-discipline exploration of the arts community. A visceral combination of artistic elements.  Painting.  Photography. Music. Dance and Poetry-The Spirit Coalescent touches the senses for a performance experience that is unforgettable. 

Naat'aanii Musical

Naat'aanii is a musical and visual exploration of the cultural ideologies between the traditional Native American values and modern western values from an arts perspective.  Experience the 90-minute show featuring the music of D'DAT, Native American and contemporary dance, drama and multi-media.  

Exploring Two Cultures

D'DAT Management, John Lindemann (2X Grammy Winning Producer) and world- renowned percussionist Dan Chiorboli brings singers, historians, songwriters, linguists, and anthropologists and musicians together in a cross-cultural collaboration.  We found similarities in the spiritual and physical nature of Navajo and South African cultures Zulu, Khonisan, Xhosa and Sotho tribes.  Experience these similarities in a live show performance, album or documentary. 

Educational Engagements

With two college faculty as band members-they can present fun, educational workshops that cover a variety of topics from music lessons to creative professional development transferable to classrooms or any community setting.


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