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Artist Profile

Dancing Earth Creations (DE) is a contemporary dance theater initiative embodying the intention to renew and revitalize intercultural communities and cosmologies through performing arts : arts educational workshops, lectures, master classes, trainings, intensives and paid professional opportunities for performance making and touring. Founded by director in 2004 Rulan Tangen to serve a need not yet met in the USA, DE gives hope and opportunity to Native, mixed and global Indigenous talent who are often outside the dialogue of mainstream performance because of lack of access. DE is an organic constellation of inter-cultural dancers, composers, costume designers, filmmakers, spoken word artists, and artistic support staff. Together, DE artists explore the rich diversity of inter-cultural exchanges, engaging collaboratively on innovative performances as rituals for renewal, relationship, reciprocity, and re-story-ing.. With past works including opening oratory by host First Nations, food sharing, seed exchanges, community mandala-making, art markets, water songs - DE expands notions of what comprises a professional artist, the role of audience, the boundaries of dance, and the purpose of performance by inviting the aesthetic and goals to be rooted in diversity of worldviews of the collaborators - onstage and off. DE's work intends to activate awareness of human connections and responsibilities to all forms of life, uplifting cultural and biological diversity, to build bridges of  understanding between peoples through contemporary creative cultural arts expressions. 


“We gather as individual artists to create experimental yet elemental dances that reflect our rich cultural heritage as contemporary global peoples. We strive to embody the unique essences of cultural perspectives by creation and renewal of artistic and cultural movement rituals. Ancient and futuristic, our dances are an elemental language of bone and blood memory in motion.”

- Founding Artistic Director, Rulan Tangen

Current Work 

BTW US Cyberspace 2020

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Dancing Earth creates an exciting new vision for what online performance can be. Now reimagined as an interactive mini-series of dynamic episodes, the story will culminate in a live interactive event with a Q+A with some of the multi-disciplinary collaborators.

Co-created and performed by the next generation of global Indigenous superheroes, Dancing Earth fuses tradition with technology, exploring themes of repetition and renewal, finding healing, and remembering ancestral knowledge.

Episodes will be released every other day, starting November 10, culminating in a live, virtual performance and after-party with the dancers on November 20. Episodes will remain available to view for all ticket buyers via this playlist through November 30, 2020.



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