Anthony Hudson

Looking for Tiger Lily & Carla Rossi Does Drag


Anthony Hudson

ANTHONY HUDSON (Grand Ronde) is a multidisciplinary artist, performer, and filmmaker. He lives in Portland, OR among lush greenery, sprawling gentrification, and a not-mutually-exclusive fear of bridges and earthquakes. Anthony is perhaps best known as Portland’s premier drag clown CARLA ROSSI, an immortal trickster whose attempts at realness almost always result in fantastic failure.  Their new play STILL LOOKING FOR TIGER LILY is in process with the support of Portland's Artists Repertory Theatre.

On Tour:

LOOKING FOR TIGER LILY - run time 55 minutes

A solo theatre show, LOOKING FOR TIGER LILY utilizes song, drag, and video to put a queer spin on ancestral, traditional storytelling; what it means for a mixed-race person to grow up seeing their heritage filtered through white normative media. “Touching on Disney’s Peter Pan, mid-century cigar-box Indian depictions, the absurdity of racial classification, and poignant family memories, Looking for Tiger Lily promises to be one of those rare identity-oriented shows that might actually appeal to audiences much broader than those directly implicated.” - Brett Campbell, Oregon ArtsWatch.  Tech requirements:  projection/projector screen, one mic/reinforced sound, can be performed with or without a live accompanist and piano.

"Carla Rossi Does Drag" - Portland, Oregon’s premier drag clown Carla Rossi – the ghost of white privilege – is on a quest to prove herself in Carla Rossi Does Drag! In this hourlong multimedia-based piece of drag theatre, the internationally-touring (and ever inept) theatre clown responds to a challenge that she doesn’t do drag cabaret anymore by failing to do just that. Featuring song, monologue, too many wigs, and interactive “Rossivision” video and scenography with sequences celebrating and lampooning Chicago, Celine Dion, Russian Doll, Birds of Prey, Netflix’s The Circle, and more, Carla Rossi Does Drag is a brand new theatrical experience that is equal parts greatest hits collection and video cabaret, all decked out in the signature surreality of Carla’s world. See Carla’s “Mars Attacks” audition, featured in Carla Rossi Does Drag, here: Basic technical needs: Proscenium, thrust, or black-box with minimum 25” wide by 15” deep stage, LED or conventional lighting support, large-scale projection screen and LCD projector with HDMI connectivity for touring MacBook Pro (running A/V output in Keynote or VLC), wings for quick changes, professional sound system including wireless and/or headset mic (wireless preferred for quick changes), and dressing room with mirrors, electrical outlets, and running water. Tech rehearsal before or day-of with four hours allotted before show for break and makeup.